New MB, used formatted HD, Win2K locks up on install...HELP


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Dec 12, 2003
First time user here, thanks for taking pity on a fool like me...

Have NEW ECS K7S5A Pro Sis 735 Chipset Motherboard, NEW AMD Duron 1.6, NEW Crucial 256 DDR PC-2100. I thought I'd try to use an older re-formatted Seagate 856MB hard drive, but Win2K locks up as it tries booting off the cd-rom. Boot sequence is set up to boot off cd-rom first, which it does, but it freezes up at "Setup is searching for computer's hardware configuration...". I've tried another used HD, but same results. I've built other systems, but with all new stuff, anyone know what else I need to do to get this to work?

CMOS recognizes the hard drive, cd-rom, video card, no other errors that I see in the CMOS setup. Thanks again.