New MB installation problem, HELP!


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Jul 6, 2003
I just got a A7N8X deluxe with a 2500+ barton and 512 XMS corsair. I am also using my old ATX case with a 250W poer supply. I had an A7V with a 1.2 athlon and switched it out for the new. I plugged everything in and turned on the power on the back of the case and the green light came on the MB and then tried to turn on the power switch, nothing, not a fan not a whirl from the HD, nothing. I went back to the switch and turned them around on the MB and nothing. I checked the power plug into the MB and that was fine. So I got pissed off and pulled it all out and replaced it with my old MB and processor. Green light on the MB worked but again not able to boot, at all.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any ideas??? My power supply was fine and power is gettting to the MB showing the green light.
I am not a computer genius but I have built a few and have always been able to get a post or at least a whirl from a fan.


Apr 27, 2002
Hope it wasn't a system with proprietary power supply, motherboard and case connections like the Dell and Compaq, to name a few. In these systems, if I remember right, the power supply plug connector was the same as the standard one but the pin outs to the motherboard were different, hence preventing its use with another motherboard. This was the manufacturer's way of ensuring that one could not use an off-the-shelf motherboard in their system.

You should try calling your powersupply manufacturer and see if there is a simple way to test if the power supply is OK. On my Antec power supply, I had to short the green wire with any black wire on the 20 pin motherboard connector to have the power supply fan (and any other fan connected to its plugs) to come on. That way, you can try to narrow down the problem to the power supply or motherboard.

Make sure all the connectors from the power supply and case to the motherboard are done properly. Guess this must have been the first thing you check but it is usually a common thing to overlook.

Best wishes for a speedy and hassle-free solution.