new Lenovo G700 notebook, screen goes black


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Dec 31, 2001
I’m rather curious about this one, so I will ask here. I no longer have this notebook in my hands, but I would really like to know what happened, in case I encounter it again.

A friend purchased a brand new Lenovo G700 notebook from NewEgg. She hated the Metro interface, and it had the usual trial cr*p on it. I decided to just do a fresh install of Windows 8.1. I have a number of licenses available, that’s not a problem.

So, I finish the install, and the very first task I take on is to use Internet Explorer to download and install Start8 (I’m not exactly fond of Metro myself). While I’m trying to make the payment, the screen goes black. The power is still on, the OS is still running. If I insert a flash drive, I hear the correct sound. Ctrl-Shift-Escape does nothing (that I can see anyway). Neither does Ctrl-Alt-Delete. I tried a bunch of different key combinations, including all of the different FN-F1 through F12. Finally, I unplugged from the wall, and pulled the battery. Then, when it rebooted, the screen was working.

I started over on getting Start8. Around the same point in time, the screen goes black. Huh? WTH???

Thinking the install was somehow fubared, I re-installed Windows 8.1. This time, I used a flash drive instead of a DVD. Repeat the above scenario. I’m beginning to think I might have a hardware problem, overheating, something. So I go and grab a Linux Live disk, mageia-4-LiveDVD. This boots and runs perfectly (except for not seeing the wireless). I drag out an Ethernet cable, go online, fool around for 30 minutes, no problem whatsoever.

By this time, it’s getting late, and I need to get this thing working so I can give it back and get some sleep. I install Windows 7, everything works, everyone is happy. Any ideas? I’m thinking this almost had to be some kind of power management / energy saving issue, but Google was no help in this case.


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Mar 4, 2000
Soundsd more like a driver problem. Clean installs on Notebooks should not be done until you have all the necessary drivers on hand. The clean install does not have the many proprietary drivers used by notebooks. There should be a partition to restore it to factory condition.l Then put in your Start8 and go from there. When you do a clean install on a Lenovo, you also lose the Lenovo toolbox which has lots of good stuff including links for updates to BIOS, power management, etc.

Sinhce you have a happy 7, get the drivers from Lenoivo's website for that specific model.


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Dec 23, 2000
I believe Windows 8.1 had driver issues with Intel HD graphics.