New job or stay at this one for now...


Feb 11, 2005
Here's the deal, I work at a financial place that I LOVE, I love the people, the environment, everything about's supposed to be a temp assignment but they've extended the assignment 3 times already...they like me, I like them. I only make 12.00/hr, but it's very nice. Plus while I look for work this place is like a security blanket to keep money coming in.

I interviewed for this job yesterday, and have a 2nd interview today, drives would be equal (under 10 mins). I'd have benefits at this job (I could have them through the temp one too, I just choose not too). But it only pays 26-27K per year (that's 12.50-12.98). It's obviously slightly more money....but not a lot. In fact if I took the benefit package I'd be netting less. The environment at this new place seems alright.

If I get the job offer do you think I should take it? I was hoping for a LOT more money 31K minimum. So should I just stay at this temp assignment that they keep extending, while looking for another better paying job (or maybe even getting hired by the temp place permanently)