New i7 Build - Having Benchmarking Issues


Dec 7, 2008
Built a new i7 machine this weekend (first timer). I am running a few benchmarks and am having issues with two. I read a forum in the CPU board but it mentioned a hotfix which I have. So here is the issue. Any help is appreciated:

PC Mark05 - runs 7 of 11 tests. Completes, but no score, not sure why some tests are failing.

3DMark Vantage - runs 3 of 4 tests, stalls on the 4 test which tests the CPU for the second time. This is the Physix test.

Note: 3D Mark 06 ran fine and scored 14500 however, may not be related

Prime95 - runs along with RTHDribL, hasn't crashed, but I haven't gone more then twenty. But the real issue is the CoreTemp test which shows the CPU maxed at 100% and the temperature of the cores at 95-100 degrees, which is worrisome.

Side Note: 120mm Fans: Any thoughts on the extra two fan placements for making the case cooler?

Last Side note: I played Oblivion for 30 minutes no problem and averaged 60 FPS even outside while battling

System Info:

Intel i7 920
asus p6t deluxe
WD 6400 aaks 640mb
evga gtx260 216 core superclocked
bfg 800 watt power
3 x 1 gb corsair xmsr3 ddr3 1333
cooler master rc 590 case
acer 22"
samsung 22x dvd burner
2 extra 120mm fans (top vents blowing out of the machine)
Saitek Eclipse Keyboard
Vista 64 bit