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Jul 15, 2001
We are building a new home and are going to meet the low voltage company in a few days. I am basically going to get the first floor wired with the company as we took an optional conduit from the attic to the basement and I will use that to wire whatever I need on the second floor later. This is the layout of our first floor: I wanted to get speakers for the family room (which is where we will be watching tv/movies). If I go with a 7.1 setup should I get the wired so I can place them on the ground (I have paradigm monitors and will upgrade next year) or should I get wall mountable speakers?

I will mount the tv over the fireplace (we never use it) with a mantle mount. So 2 front floor speakers, a sub, center channel, and 2 rear floor speakers. Where should the other 2 spears go? On the sides of the room? Or in the rear wall mounted? We are also planning on adding 2 access points (Ubiquiti) as well as some ceiling speakers. The speakers would go in the kitchen(2) over the island and 2 in the living room which we will use as a study/office. Both of these will be run into the basement where I will use sonos connect amps to power them. I do not want to deal with getting wall volume controls (and it costs $200) and the Sonos will be liked by my wife.

For the TV they are offering Vanco POE HDMI/CAT5e Converter with IR. Instead of this I want to ask them to run flexible conduit from above the fireplace to the basement. This way I can wire the tv with whatever I want after closing. Is there some kind of box/receptacle I should get on the family room end to run the cable(something like this: ? Am I missing anything else?

Considering the cost of cabling, I am also thinking about having blue smurf conduit run into each of the bedroom to run cables later.

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Mar 31, 2003
EDIT: I didn't realize what a mantle mount was until that link below was posted...I would think that mounting in a permanent spot so you don't have to 'bring down' the TV would be a better idea but I don't know your complete situation...

Just thought I would throw this out there since you are considering mounting your TV above the fireplace....

Mount a Flat Screen in Your Living Room

The optimum height on a plain wall in your living room is eye level.

Most installers recommend mounting it at eye-level. If it is too high, you will strain your neck upwards to watch it and after a while this may cause you pain in your back and neck.

A good method to decide on the height is to sit down on your couch and stare straight at the wall where you wish to mount your screen. Its top should be aligned to where your line of sight meets the wall. If your household includes multiple people with different heights, consider asking your shorter or taller family members about their line of sight and finding a median spot in between.
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Jan 2, 2014
well your ruining the experience by putting the tv above the fire place
so just go with any ceiling mounted speaker system


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Sep 13, 2001
I wouldn't put rears on the ground. I'd put them high up on the wall.

I'd also never mount a TV over a fireplace because it's way too high. Where do you plan on putting your center channel speaker if there is a fireplace below your TV and the ceiling above it?