New graphics card, should I?

Colonel C

May 19, 2005
I've been noticing graphical glitches when I play games on my PC (Battlefield 2 demo, doom 3, CSS etc). Its a sort of snowy black and white dots that appear, I have a radeon 9800 pro, 3.2ghz P4, 1GB of ram. Anyway I think that that my graphics card may be damaged so I may get a new one (6600GT). 1. Whats causing this problem and 2. Should I get a new card to fix it?

I cleaned my PC recently with compressed air and it didn't fix the problem, I installed the latest catalyst drivers properly, so they're not conflicting with the old ones.


Diamond Member
Jan 7, 2004
It does sound like your video card may be damaged. However, depending on whether or not you overclocked it or not, you might be able to get it replaced. If there wasn't anything that you did to it that would have caused the damage, I would look into your warrantee options before replacing it. The 6600GT is a nice card for the money, but not a big step up from the 9800 Pro.