New funding campaign for Milkyway@Home


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Nov 4, 1999
They're not getting NSF funding again so they need our cash if they're to keep running.

Link to their fundraiser

From there email :-

Dear MilkyWay@home Volunteer,

We need your help. Again.

We have again had a great year of discovery and improved algorithms for MilkyWay@home, thanks to your support. Highlights are available in our Newsletter. Thank you so much for your continued contribution to our success.

Unfortunately, our federal support is even worse this year than last year. Not only have we not succeeded in renewing our National Science Foundation funding for MilkyWay@home, but Prof. Newberg's collaboration with a Chinese telescope project is now also not funded. We are fighting hard to keep this extremely successful research group intact.

The future of our projects is even more in jeopardy than it was last year, even as our algorithms are beginning to show positive scientific results. Newberg donated the $30K Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics that she won this year to fund her graduate students during the 2015/2016 academic year, so that they can work full time on MilkyWay@home. We need an additional $50K (similar to last year) to maintain our operations through the end of 2016. We are separately looking for $35K to keep the Chinese collaboration together, but you can opt to donate to MilkyWay@home only.

With your help, we can do it again!

Donations of $5, $10, or $20 are appreciated! Please consider making a donation of any size by clicking the 'donate now' button below

I'm not exactly sure what LAMOST (Chinese telescope collaboration thing) is about right this second.......


Nov 2, 2015
(Sorry for silly posts but trying to get 25)...

Usually look this stuff up myself and I'm sure there are others who are curious. So I will ask... what does the Milkyway@Home distributed computing project want to accomplish?