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May 1, 2001
A super easy way to backup your copy protected DVDs!

This program is a freeware utility that serves to help you backup your copy protected DVDs.

Recently released DVDs are now very often equipped with stronger copy protections - such as ARccOS? and RipGuard DVD - that programs like DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter have problems handling.

With the help of RipIt4Me, ripping these DVDs will be very easy. The program is fully automated and the wizard will guide you thru all the necessary steps involved. If you prefer, there is also a true "1-Click" mode that will perform all the involved steps automatically for you
How the program works

RipIt4Me uses DVD Decrypter as a ripping engine and FixVTS to clean the ripped files.

It shouldn't take you much more time for you to use this method than if you had used DVD Decrypter on its own.

In short:

1. Insert your original DVD that you wish to backup in your DVD reader/burner.
2. The DVD will then be ripped to your hard disk.
3. It will clean up the DVD and, if necessary, remove the bad cells from the VOB files, remove any fake titlesets and fix the pointers by running FixVTS.
4. Finally, it will open up the ripped files in DVD Shrink for you.
5. A full guide is also available
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