new fodder for the AMD vs. Intel war, Intel comes out ahead this time....


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Feb 24, 2001

<< ON A number of occasions, stories failing to show AMD in an exclusively-positive light have resulted in readers offering to pop round and help me install a Pentium 4 in what sounds like a very uncomfortable place.
Not only are all those pins very sharp, but installing a heatsink would certainly bring tears to the eyes. No amount of thermal grease would help here, we suspect.

But at least we've finally discovered why Athlons and Durons aren't deemed suitable for rectal fitment. Whilst leafing through the spec sheet for AMD's 762 chip, we came across the following caveat:

&quot;AMD's products are not designed, intended, authorized or warranted for use as components in systems intended for surgical implant into the body, or in other applications intended to support or sustain life, or in any other application in which the failure of AMD's product could create a situation where personal injury, death, or severe property or environmental damage may occur.&quot;

We asked a Chipzilla spokesman if Intel chips carried a similar health warning, and it would appear that they don't.

So the next time someone suggests shoving a semiconductor where the sun don't shine, for your own safety, please make sure it's an Intel one.

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May 4, 2001

Another &quot;silliness award&quot; to the legal depts I find ... :D

What will they think of next ... one dreads to think :D.


Oct 9, 1999
sheeesh, doesn't anyone know how to do a search anymore?
Intel® Boxed Processors
Intel Boxed Processor Parts &amp; Accessory Order Form

INTEL?S PRODUCTS ARE NOT DESIGNED, INTENDED, OR AUTHORIZED FOR USE IN ANY MEDICAL, LIFE SAVING OR LIFE SUSTAINING SYSTEMS, OR FOR ANY OTHER APPLICATION IN WHICH THE FAILURE OF THE INTEL PRODUCT COULD CREATE A SITUATION WHERE PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH MAY OCCUR. Should the customer purchase or use Intel?s Products for any such unintended or unauthorized use, the customer shall indemnify and hold Intel and its officers, subsidiaries and affiliates harmless against all claims, costs, damages, and expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, directly or indirectly, any claim of product liability, personal injury or death associated with such unintended or unauthorized use, even if such claim alleges that Intel was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of the part.

That is a standard disclaimer that has been on every electronic component spec sheet that I have ever seen.