Question New Crucial BX500 has only 3 unused reserved spare blocks (B4 in crystaldiskinfo)? I bought two, the other one shows 41 spare blocks


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Apr 5, 2023

As said in the title, there's something weird in the new BX500 I recieved. The SMART B4 value should be way higher than that. Actually I bought two BX500 and the other one is like any other BX500 I see in review and have a value way higher than that at 41 (29 in hexa).

Both have serial numbers very close to each other too, so they are most certainly from the same batch.

Here's a pic from HDSENTINEL (crystaldiskinfo shows the same value). As you can see the UNUSED RESERVE NAND BLOCKS is only 3.


You can see it's new as I just powered it - it was already 3 when I powered up my pc - and only did two things on it since then:

- SMARTCTL short test
- SMARTCTL long test

Both succeed.

Do I need to send it back and ask for a replacement? I bought it on Amazon so I can ask for a replacement if needed.

I found this thread > where a member quoted this:

TL;DR: New Crucial MX500 SSD with S.M.A.R.T values on line 180 of 47,35,25 etc. (or other low double digit numbers). are healthy drives, that do not need to be returned or RMA'd. Crucial is not robbing you of long term performance, simply a change in the language of the software. Superblocks are being reported instead of individual blocks.

But as you can see, it isn't even double digit in my case, it's single digit.

Thanks in advance for any help.