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Mar 20, 2020
Hey everyone, I just built a new computer, which was a resounding success for the most part (build here: Monitor is a dell P2210f). Everything was going great, had my first computer running for a while, setting up Windows 10 pro on this new computer on my tv via an hdmi cable. Realizing I needed display port cables for this, I got some, plugged in my monitor, and saw it in this horrible, grossly low resolution. I am unable to change the resolution, as the box is greyed out and stuck at 640 x 480.

What I've done so far is:

Reinstall graphics card drivers
Swap the display port cable for another
Try a different port on coputer
Tried looking up the driver for the monitor
Power off the monitor for one minute then plug it in
Unplug tv from it, restart with only monitor
Remove drivers for computer from device manager and plug it in.

Nothing I'm doing is working, I know for certain my graphics card works for the hdmi, I know the monitor works perfectly using a VGA cable, it's just this specific combination of things that's not working out.

I feel like the solution is something super missable and easy, but I'm just not finding it in any forum.