New CCTV build confirmation.


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Mar 27, 2010
Seems like CCTV threads are all over various forums, with several here, so this seems the most appropriate place.

For those that are more verse than I regarding the above, I think I have a system in mind that I'm going to implement shortly, and want to confirm really that I'm on the right track.

Firstly, I'm looking at a few of these...the I8 version in particular.

I don't know what focal length yet as I need to map that out. They're going to be mounted quite high up hence the resolution, and will opt for the 80m IR option. Probably four, if not five.

Looking at Blue Iris as the NVR SW.

I already have a VM host of 2x e5-2760s and more than enough memory.

Disk space will be a dedicated array off an Areca 1882 controller.

Will add a GTX 1050 Ti for H.265 en/decoding.

I'm mostly looking to confirm compatibility. The SW/Camera compatibility looks fine from what I can tell. I've seen somewhat anecdotal info that Blue Iris will handle H.265 fine with appropriate HW, hence the card in question.

I have a dedicated switch to handle the connectivity to the cameras in situ...not a whole lot else I can think of.

Open to better options.