New Category Suggestions


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Sep 2, 2004
I hope this is the right place for this type of thread, but after being on some other forums, and thinking about what kind of site Anand is, I feel that maybe a couple more categories would be nice to have in the forums. Edit: Let it be made clear first of all that I really like the forums as they are, but thought that maybe expanding the forums could be fun.

My suggestions are in the summary and below.

The audio is more questionable (but at least Yoyo would have a place to call home :) ). As for HTPC, Anand has done HTPC case reviews, and they are growing in popularity.

Also feel free to add more ideas, and I will add them if they seem reasonable.

SVT Cobra

Mar 29, 2005
I do not believe the forums will change, and I also do not think they should. The reason they do not is because every topic has a category right now and there is no need to make a seperate forum for each indivdual topic (while a need for a programming forum does put up a strong arguement). But things such as a sound forum will not happen because I am pretty sure they do not want to expand the forums. While I am not certain why, I have seen several reasons that could be an explanation:

1. The forums have not changed for a while, why do it now when they are already properly arranged and prospering.

2. Anandtech is not the type of sites that unprofessionally subdivides forums like other "lessser" tech sites do.

3. And, most importantly look at forums like Technical Support, they serve their purpose well, but threads there only get 3-7 views each and then people go posting their question in off topic or general hardware anyway. The more forums you create the less traffic to each one, not to mention the more forums that would need moderation.

I have no way of knowing why AT does not expand but I do believe those reasons might have something to do with it along with others. My opinion is the forums are fine how they are.