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Question New case, fans and fan hub


Jul 1, 2003
Trying to build new 3300x system with no parts lol.
Settled on Thermaltake s100
Wanting to connect 6 fans: 3 front intake, 2 top exhaust and 1 rear exhaust. Thinking of using a fan hub that connects to SATA power and mobo fan header to control speed. I’ve always used molex before. Are these hubs ok for the SATA? Ok to connect six to one connector?



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Aug 17, 2006
That will work, and yes, powering six normal fans from a Hub fed from a SATA power output from the PSU is NOT any problem. Although a SATA output can provide less than a 4-pin Molex from the 12 VDC lines, it can safely provide up to 4.5A. Virtually all normal case fans consume at max 0.25 A, so 6 of them is 1.5 A, loads LESS that the SATA limit. In your particular case, OP, those fans are spec'd at 0.08 A each max, or 0.48A for six, only one-tenth the limit of the SATA supply lines.

Consider this, though, regarding that Hub and almost all others. It really is designed for use ONLY with 4-pin fans if you expect the fans' speeds to be controlled. Any 3-pin fan connected to its output will always run full speed. For you, that does not matter at all - you plan only to use 4-pin fans. As with all such devices, the speed of ONLY the one fan plugged into its marked output will be reported to the mobo header for display; all other fans' speeds will be ignored completely. This is a limitation of the mobo fan header, not of the Hub. This has NO impact on ability to control fan speeds, but it does mean that the mobo header cannot monitor the speed signals of ALL of those fans for possible FAILURE (a header's second function), so you should check from time to time to ensure they all still are working.

Two additional hints. The manual may say to plug the Hub's fan connector into the mobo CPU_FAN header. Do NOT do that for your case fans - leave that header for your CPU cooler system. Plug it into a SYS_FAN or CHA_FAN header, then make sure in BIOS Setup that the header is configured to use the new PWM Mode of control, and not the older Voltage Control Method (aka DC Mode).


Jul 1, 2003
I saw those specs as well but in a YouTube video on this case the poster was able to install three. If not I’ll do two.


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Mar 4, 2004
I've used a Swiftech PWM splitter with no problems (EK fans). Been looking at those Arctic fans for next purchase, tired of paying over $20 per fan.

Found a company to avoid on Amazon. OutletPC wants $30 for that splitter which is $10 direct from manufacturer.
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