New Build W/New ASUS P6X58D I7-920


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Nov 24, 2009
Puting together a new Intel I7-920 system for FSX that includes a lot of large file hi rez (>7-800mb each) Photoshop work.

My last system was an AMD 940 @ 3.9ghz ASUS M4N82 with 8gb of G.skil. The IMC had a very hard time with all slots full even though I did get her to run at 4Ghz But I never was quite happy. So I jumped ship and am trying a Intel build for the first time since my 486-dx2...

Here are my parts that I have and would apreciate any and all coments.
I plan to overclock around 4ghz on air for 24/7 use.

Mother Board - ASUS P6X58D Premium with USB 3.0

CPU - I7-920 DO batch 3942 Newegg

Heatsink - Megahalems Slightly modified to fit tall ram heatsinks from my previous build

Fans 2-Nochtua 140x25 flex fans (painted Black with vinyl dye)

Memory - 6 GB Patriot PC3 1600 (2000) 8-8-8-24

WD Cav-Black 1T sata HD Newegg

CoolerMaster 840 Black With plenty of Fans fto add for extra air flow

PSU - ThermalTake TR2-RX850

Video Card - BFG GTX285

Win 7-64

Starting to put this together tonight.

I might post this in the CPU forum if thats ok.

Rolling up sleeves...