New Build Oddities, Part 1


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May 7, 2005
I folks - I just upgraded from an old Dell 8100 to a whiz-bang AMD system, it was my first build and I have run into a few oddities.

The first and luckily most annoying has to do with my (PS2) Microsoft Scroll Optical wired mouse. It has a bright red light that used to go off when I shut down the Dell - with the new rig (below) however when I shut windows down the bright red light stays on. Only way to make it turn off is to flip the PS switch on the back of the SonataII.

Is there a Bios setting or somesuch that will tell the computer to shut power to the Mouse off when I shut windows down? This is a PS/2 mouse, not USB.



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Aug 19, 2005
Sounds like standby (soft-off) settings to me. Some motherboards maintain power to the mouse and keyboard for "Wake" functions (even if "Wake-On Mouse" or "Wake-On Keyboard" is disabled).

Dig through your manual and your bios, you should be able to find a setting to get rid of this.