new build headaches


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Jan 2, 2008
This is my sixth new build.

While technically not a complete new build, a new MOBO, CPU, RAM and using existing parts pretty much amounts to the same time to get a brand new system up and running (minus installing PSU, etc.)

So anyway,

Install goes ok, I just got

Hyper TX2 CPU cooler
AMD 5000 black edition (I got a good deal on it)
Gigabyte Sli Nforce mobo
two sticks of 1gb ddr2 ram

So the hyper tx2 had a horrible manual, I had to go online just to get a good idea of exactly which direction the fan should be placed (directions did NOT specify placement!)
It also doesn't feel as tight as most of my other CPU fans, but it is solid nonetheless. I just feel like it should be tighter. Checked temps and they seem stable so far.

Lo and behold, I forgot that the old puter I was using had serial IDE HDD's and my motherboard has one IDE interface (I have a three IDE devices, DVD, CDR, and HDD)
Luckily my DVD is broken so I have HD and CD in master/slave combo.

CD would not read, remembered I was using the old cooler-master IDE cables which are broken, put in standard flat cables and it read the CD perfectly.

Windows is loading.


Do these things EVER go smoothly! Not that it has been bad at all so far (knock on wood)


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Mar 10, 2001
Maybe it's just me but I do not see any source of headaches (harware wise) from your post except those self-induced ones, i. e. fan direction ( we all know the standard is to blow into the CPU unless otherwise noted in the manual), number of IDE connectors, since most new mobo comes only with one not to mention when you buy hardware you always read the specs and what it comes with, and using a broken IDE cable for we all know broken cables do not work (what is a broken cable doing in your box anyways? As soon as you confirm puter parts to be broken it should go straight to the trash can, period). Sometimes over confidence makes us lackadaisical and is usually the main source of headaches.