New AVR, Denon In Command or Yamaha Aventage?

Jan 30, 2001
So I have narrowed my choices down to either the Denon AVR-X3400H or a Yamaha RX-A880bl. I am replacing my long in the tooth Yamaha HTR-5860. Anyone with experience with both which system do you prefer? They seem very similar spec wise with the 2 differences that I would care about most are no component out on the Yamaha and no phono in on the Denon. Neither of those is a real deal killer for me and I was initially leaning towards the Denon until I saw the new Yamaha unit, it was just released this month. I have to say that my current Yamaha has been rock solid and trouble free but a lot has changed in 12 years and it is time to upgrade.

To flesh this out a bit more here is what my current setup is:
5.1 speakers, FIOS HD DVR, Roku, and an xBox One, Plex server currently accessed through the Roku all controlled by a Harmony Ultimate remote and hub.

The main issue being the current AVR has no HDMI out so each device is connected directly to my TV with the audio going through the AVR. I do want to integrate it with the Amazon echo and Smartthings but both seem to support that as well.
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Jan 2, 2014
of those i would go denon. simply because i do like my 2100 i have now

but when/if i get a new one i think i will upgrade to marantz
Dec 12, 2001
Second for denon. They tend to pack a lot of features into their models. Some manufacturers ask you to buy the higher end models to get similar features (airplay, Spotify etc). Plus denon uses audyssey which I’m a fan of.

However Yamaha has a reputation for being very robust in build quality and lasting a long time. Can’t go wrong their either. I think it will come down to features in the budget you are looking at.
Jan 30, 2001
In the end I upped my budget and went with the Denon X4400h which supports 9.2 so I have room to expand my setup when our basement is finished and I move my AV setup down there. I can say the Yamaha has been flawless the 12 years I have been using it. It gets a ton of use, pretty much on anytime we are home and it was really just the fact that it was so dated in the connectivity and features that made me want to finally replace it. I have a couple of vintage late 70's/early 1980's receivers that I will likely use when I want to setup my turntable for use so I wasn't too concerned about the phono input but the 4400h does have one I can use of needed.
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