Question New! ASUS C2500 USB3.2 Type-A to 2.5GbE-T (RealTek?) (Their second adapter, first was USB-C only)


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Aug 25, 2001

This is an interesting development.

Their first RealTek-based 2.5GbE-T USB ethernet adapter was utilizing USB-C, which meant using an unreliable cheap adapter (not included) to plug into the back of an Asustor NAS, to upgrade to a 2.5GbE-T connection. This one is utilizing USB Type-A (traditional USB3) so it should be more securely plugged into the NAS, as well as client devices.

Also, what is intriguing even more about this adapter, is one of the pictures on Amazon, which shows the adapter, and the rear of one of their routers!

I've long been advocating, that if Asus (preferably, although other router vendors could too) wanted to, they could add a driver to the firmware for their routers, to support a USB3 2.5GbE-T dongle, to add 2.5GbE-T WAN or LAN to their routers, or add a second 2.5GbE-T port to routers that already had one port, thus giving those said routers the ability to route WAN-to-LAN at a theoretical max of 2.5GbE-T (limited by CPU and hardware cut-through support).

This would be ideal for an Asus dual-core AC68U-family router with USB3 port(s) on the rear, to add support for 2.5GbE-T WAN, for DOCSIS 3.1 modems for use with Comcast's 1440Mbit/sec service, for faster downloads.