new assembly of old gear, power?

Nov 21, 2001
I tossed together some stuff I had, a gigabyte ma785gm mobo, phenom 555@3200, couple of gigs of ram in a htpc case with a power brick type PS. It's idling at 57 watts on my kill-a-watt.
That sound reasonable? I know there are other lower powered setups, but I have this, and all it lacks for me is usb3.
that's a $15 card away.
what do you guys see on your server/htpc?
Nov 21, 2001
going out and answering my own question :)
I can get this for 72$ itx motherboard/cpu combo&cm_re=mini_itx_motherboard/cpu_combo-_-13-157-728-_-Product

I need a low profile hsf for my old hardware above -$24
I only have 1 gb sticks of ram, so i can max out at 4 gb
I have a 4gb stick of ddr3l i pulled from my lappy, can get another for +$20
the reduction in power usage and potential noise is enough to spend $68 more and get a whole lot more computer.
USB3 included.
I hate myself for looking :p
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