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Aug 19, 2001
I finally put together my new computer, but there are a bunch of files on my old hard drive that I want to access. They're under C:\Users\username\*

I pulled the hard drive out of my old computer and connect it to my new computer over USB. I can't get to my profile though- I keep getting the error: "You don't currently have permission to access this folder. Click continue to get access to this folder."

Clicking continue doesn't get me access (at least not after the 5+hrs I gave it overnight), and a google search on the error message is giving me all sorts of hits that don't seem to match my situation. Does anyone know how to get around this?

Edit: So not more than 2 minutes after posting this, I tried running a command prompt as Administrator and then starting explorer from that prompt. That instance of explorer allowed me to access my old install just fine.