Networking Question, modem/router/switch?


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Jun 19, 2009
Heya guys, I've trolled around here for a long time, and thought it might be a good place to clarify a question I have before I spend money on something I dont need D:

The house im living in has a big networking box in one of the closets, and a roomate of oura manage to rewire all of the phone jacks in the rooms to function as central ethernet, so instead of phone jacks, we just in the rj and get our internet, pretty cool right?

Well one of us has the router/modem in their room, obviously, and here in my room, I've got my computer, as well as my PS3, I'd like to have them both online at the same time, so my question is, since we already have a router in the line, here, in my room, can I use another router to split my connection again? or will it cause problems? whats the best way to get this working?

Modem>to house
Router>living room connection

nee; bedroom>router>computer/ps3