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Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
Before the pandemic home-sided cubicle workers, I saw a slight movement from CAT-based to the desk wiring solution change over to access point to CAT to immediate fiber in the tiled ceilings. I really can appreciate it and even thought about installing it in my home but I just couldn't justify any of it. I mean, 1Ge LAN is more than I need in my home.
Well, 1Ge LAN usually is enough for most people. I mean, unless you have internal servers, and network storage, 1Ge is as fast or faster than any connection that almost anyone (in the USA) has to the internet. Going faster on your home network doesn't make sense unless you have some kind of internal network attached devices that service other internal network attached devices.

That said, I personally do, and am very happy with my 40Gb connection to my storage server and XCP-NG virtual machine system, and the 10Ge I have to several of my other systems.
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Nov 4, 2004
Haha, I've actually been a regular visitor to network rooms like that. These were billion dollar companies remote offices where I had to stand on a pile of 30ft patch cables to patch a new 3ft run, with another 30ft patch cable. Just drop it on top of the pile *shrug*