Network Layout Advice Needed


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Aug 18, 2001
I'm switching apartments at the end of the month and trying to decide how to setup the network in the new apartment (2bd). I share the apartment with a friend with only wired devices and so the cable modem (Comcast) and wireless router are in his room currently. The only real change in the move is that currently both rooms are seperated by a 20 foot gap and in the new place they will be next to each other.

Existing setup - Friend's Room:
D-Link DIR-655 Wireless N Router (wired into Cable Modem)
Netgear Wireless N WNHDE111 AP/Bridge A (wired into D-link Router)
Desktop (wired into D-Link Router)
PS3 (wired into D-Link Router)

Existing setup - My Room:
Netgear Wireless N WNHDE111 AP/Bridge B
Desktop (wired into Bridge)
Laptop (wifi into D-Link Router)
PS3 (wired into Bridge)

My primary complaints with the current setup are that I don't like having to mess around in my friend's room to change stuff (say when the modem needs reset) and I would like to improve my latency if a meaningful improvement is possible. The AP/Bridge combo also needs reconfigured from time to time when they mysteriously stop talking to each other.

Any good ideas out there? I would love to simply run a cord through the wall and replace the AP/Bridge combo with Gigabit ethernet, but I suspect the apartment management company won't approve. I've heard a little about running power line networks but that they aren't clearly faster than my existing Wireless-N network is.


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Mar 5, 2001
Besides running an ethernet cable from his room to your room I think you have the best setup you could go for. I haven't messed with the powerline products so cannot comment on those.