Network Cable Unplugged Message


Oct 4, 2004
Ok i have a Linksys befsru31 router. I have 2 pcs connected to it. When me and my wife are playing counter strike her pc will lock up. Within 2 min of hers doing this i will get a few bursts of lag. If i alt+tab out i can see a icon popping up in the tray that is saying network cable unplugged.

What could my problem be? Bad router? Bad cable modem? Bad ethernet cables? It only happens while playing CSS. If we are both surfing the net or anything this never seems to happen. Im wondering if its because of the sheer load of bandwidth we are using. I said screw it and ordered a new router anyways and it should be here tuesday or so and hopefully that will fix the problem.

I know absolutely nothing about networking so im hoping someone here can solve my problem.


Feb 12, 2001
Could be a virus that's chewing up the cable between the computer and router. Since the computer can't send or receive data, it gets confused and causes software to hang.