Network basic FAQ


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Nov 18, 1999
I may be managing a project at work that requires redesign of the hardware infrastructure to allow a server with dual monitors at a remote location (under 500ft) to be operated in real time from it's base position.

The system needs to be able to switch over control from the remote location back to it's local position on-th-fly, as required:

For example: At both locations, the operators need to see the same dual monitor output in realtime (within a few ms of each other) and be able to take over control of subsequent operations (at will) and "hand back the mouse cursor", etc... Each operator would be able to see what the other is doing. Basic idea is to have a single PC at the local location outputting to the local and remote sites, but if absolutely needed, another PC could be put at the remote loation to make it all work (not desired). Both locations would have dual monitors, KB, and mouse... Assume fiber optic to pass data.

First thought is KVM. Basic questions:

1) Are super low latencies (<10 ms) even possible with a KVM (or some other means of transferring control)?
2) Is a KVM the way to go or is there some other way?
3) I know that driving qty 2 1080 monitors at the local location is not be a big deal but pushing that back a forth from local to remote location and back may be a challenge...

Thoughts, comments? I've built a few rigs and know how PCs go together but I'm not an expert on Networking...

Thanks in advance for your ideas/help.
Feb 25, 2011
1) 500 feet isn't far. Are you extending your existing physical/logical network to the "remote" location (by, say, running a long wire and an ethernet repeater?) Or is the remote system on its own network with a different internet connection?

2) The answer is: VNC if you're on the same logical network. TeamViewer or LogMeIn if it's not. Either of those should be adequate for running office apps or other 2D work remotely or collaboratively. If you're trying to game remotely, you've got another think coming.


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Sep 30, 2005
what on earth are you doing that requires you to have two people compete for one terminal?
Feb 25, 2011
Pair programming doesn't require sub centisecond response. Just need a video and voice feed. One person can do all the typing. Occationally handing over control can work as well when you do desktop share.
Then they're obviously trying to cheat at online games.