Need some laser printer advice.

Discussion in 'Peripherals' started by Lemon law, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Many years ago I bought a all in one monochrome laser cheap cheap cheap on the used market. Specifically a brother 7820N. And I have not spent a dime on it ever since. As I can also say, (1) It still works fine. (2) I need its fax capacity as a prime consideration, because very time I send or receive a fax, it saves me $10.00 of gas, and an hour of time. (3) As I also need its print, copy and scan functions. (4) While a ADF is also needed plus the option of a flatbed scanner. (5) As the brother 7820N fulfills all those requirements. (6) I am considering donating my 7820N to a more needy family member who does need my upgrade concerns

    As my upgrade concerns require at least two now needed additional laser all in one concerns. (A) Must have WIFI networking ability my 7820N now lacks. So all four of my WIFI capable computers and my wife can print to it without being hardwired to the printer. (B) I would like to have color capacity even if 99% of my printing needs does not require color. (C) If I opt for a color laser, I refuse to buy any color lasesr that short shots its iitial color toner cartridges. (D) I do not plan to use such a color laser for printing photographs, which is the true Provence of only inkjets. (E) I can find such a monochrome laser on the new market for under $250.00, and am willing to spend maybe double that for color.

    As I ask forum experts what they can recommend for my future laser printer upgrade options? Help please.
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    MFC-9125CN is a good choice. It doesn't have WiFi built-in, but has ethernet so just hook it up to your WiFi router and you'll be able to print wirelessly. (in my experience, it's usually more reliable this way than printers with WiFi built-in)