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Need some help...


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May 6, 2007
Hey all,

I just built my brand new rig, (specs below) and I need to know why Vista is not allowing me to install Call of Duty 2. My copy is legit, it's the 6-CD edition that has been out for awhile. I know many gamers who are playing COD2 in Vista but I don't know why I'm experiencing this issue.

At first, when I insert CD1 for the installation, a box will come up stating that COD2 has known compatibility issues with Windows Vista. So I click on "Check for solutions online" and it basically tells me to contact Activision about the problem. So, I just went back and selected the "Run program" option. Once I do that another box comes up saying "Access is denied."

I don't understand why access would be denied... I just got done installing Vista and I set up all my programs and whatnot, and I'm on the Administrative account. Can somebody please "throw me a friggin' bone here?" lol, I have no idea what to do next.


Intel C2D E6850
Corsair Dominator 2GB DDR2-1066
ATI Radeon HD2900XT 1GB
WD 150GB Raptor SATA
Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Oct 9, 1999
Weird- I didn't have any problems installing COD2 [dvd version] on my vista machine. Here is what Activision support details regarding COD 2 and Vista:

* The installer for this game uses Flash 9. Windows Vista does not come with Flash 9 pre-installed. You will need to go to www.adobe.com to get the Flash player for Vista. If you have problems getting Flash to work or the installer will not launch from the splash screen you can still launch the installer via the setup.exe executable on the first disc.

* To locate the setup.exe
Place the first disc into your cd/dvd drive and if you have the option choose to explore the discs files choose to do so. If you do not have the option, do the following exit any menus and do the following.
Open the Computer icon through your start menu, right click on the drive the disc is in and select explore or open.
Once you are into the contents of the cd look for the setup.exe (not the setup folder and you may not see the .exe extension in the file name). Double click this file to start the installer.

* In multiplayer mode there are issues with Punkbuster support. Due to Vista's security features playing on Punkbuster servers with Punkbuster enabled will give you an error. Right-click on the shortcut you use to launch the game and select "Run as Administrator". If that does not work then Right-click on the shortcut you use to launch the game and select "Properties", then select "Compatibility" and place check in "Run as Administrator".

Note: This product is designed for use with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and Activision cannot guarantee full compatibility with Windows Vista. This product has not been thoroughly tested and certified with the new Microsoft Operating System.


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May 6, 2007
Thank you coloumb!

I went ahead and installed the latest Flash player, put CD1 in and explored the disc instead of having the autorun take over. Found the setup.exe and installed it from there. Went without a hitch!

Much appreciated man!