Need some help with photo backup.. I'm Apple-dumb


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Aug 28, 2003
TLDR: I dump all my photos onto my PC in monthly substructures such as \pictures\2017_04 . I need a consolidated solution to backup (not synch) my photos from a top level folder (with many, many subfolders) to the cloud that allows me to download for printing or has an app for viewing.

The story:
My wife is a photo-bug with her iPhone 6 (16Gb) while I use my Android phone and DSL for pictures. Temporarily, I subscribed to a 50Gb iCloud account but I didn't understand that it's not really a backup solution, but more of a synch solution. When I delete from iCloud, it deletes from her phone. I don't want that to happen. I need to be able to free up space on her phone for more pictures, yet retain the photos somewhere for backup.

I was originally using Amazon Cloud (free with Prime) and it worked great until an update some time ago where I now have to have all my folders in a certain directory that it created. After the update, when I moved my folders to the new Amazon Cloud folder, it duplicated pictures that were previously in the cloud storage, so I stopped doing that.

Any ideas on how to have a cloud backup service watch a folder structure for additions and sync to the cloud for backup purposes? Also, I need(would like) the ability for her to view pics on her phone from the backup location.

thanks for your input!
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