Need some help with my dog.


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May 6, 2001
Okay.. So on the night before thanksgiving, my brother went grocery shopping over at his friend's place. When my brother parked his car and opened up the backseat doors, two dogs jumped into the car. It was storming that night so he and his friend decided to keep them over night inside so they wouldn't get sick and such. They followed my brother and his friend around the whole entire night and got up on their laps and slept there. They posted up signs all over the place and no one has claimed them, so they're officially ours for now. I've posted up some pics for you guys to see.

Kira (the larger dog.. We figure about 1 year old) is an Australian Cattle Dog. They're known to be very loyal and very good dogs. The smaller dog, Pasha (about two-three months old) is a mutt. We're unsure of what she really is, but we think she's part Australian Cattle dog as well.

We kept Kira and Pasha in our backyard for a while until they got into a fight. I guess it was over jealousy or something. Kira gets jealous a lot because she knows that Pasha gets all the attention in the house, just because she's smaller and cuter. Right now, we think having two dogs in the family is a little too much so we're looking for someone to take Kira. We searched all over the net for Australian Cattle Dog rescue groups and found one. Unfortunately, they're unable to take her due to some Ken Hershey case that happened not too long ago. This Hershey guy took in a bunch of dogs and abused them to the point where they were drawn to cannabilism.. etc.. You get the point. We also checked out the SPCA.. amazing facilities but unfortunately, they won't take dogs that have been "found" and they won't take them unless you give them a huge fat donation.

I'm a little concerned about Pasha though. Tonight, she's been acting a little strange. She's been very restless and slightly agressive. She's been knawing on my hand and licking certain areas on her body. She's also had little appetite.. I'm worried that she may be sick or something or to the extreme cases.. She might have rabies.. We took her to the vet about two weeks ago and got her checked and got her all her vaccinations. The doctor said she was fine. Would anyone happen to know what could be wrong or have noticed odd things with their dogs? Let me know...


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Mar 3, 2000
If you're really concerned, go back to the vet and ask a lot of questions. That's what I did with my dog. Sometimes he has mood swings or something. I don't know what the deal is but there are times when people just shouldn't mess with him. Other times, he's about the most tolerant dog I've ever seen.

Check here for some stuff to read: link


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Oct 13, 1999
Could be she is somewhat allergic to fleas.

I say keep em both. Dogs are usually a lot happier when they have another dog around to play with.
Oct 9, 1999
many a times dogs sense things ahead of time.. just keep an eye out.. I have seen animals get restless when a thunder storm is approaching etc etc..


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Nov 2, 1999
You don't know what kind of treatment these dogs had prior to escaping. Could be someone abused and abandoned them and you lucked upon them. Or Not.

Since you don't know the history, behavior is going to be hard to diagnose. Your vet would be a good place to start, an animal shelter or rescue facility may be able to offer some advice too.

Good Luck!


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May 6, 2001
Well, the strange thing is that I've never seen her act like this before...
She'll also just start growling for no reason and her breathing sounds like she's sneezing or something.

I was not able to sleep at all last night.. I was up till 4 watching her cause she refused to sleep and then she woke me up at 7. I gave her some treats and she still just knaws at my hand.


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Nov 5, 2000
Definately vet time. If the vet gives her a clean bill of health, it may be behavioral. You don't know what she went through before finding you. She and Kira will both need lots of love and attention.