Need some help finding some hardware for a glass door.


Jul 31, 2002
I am recessing a cabinet into a closet of mine. What I want is a plate glass cabinet door about 18x24. For the life of me, I cannot find any hardware to make the door.

Does anyone know where I can buy some hardware to make a regular sheet of plate glass into a door? all that I would want is two attachments to clip to the top and bottom of the glass to give it a hinge to swing on. Then the last piece would be a metal clip on the top and magnet to put into the cabinet so that you can push on the cabinet door and it will spring open or close.

Think of the entertainment centers or audio stacks that you see in the store with the big glass doors that you can push in and then have them pop open.

This is what I am trying to do. Does anyone know where I could do something like this? I'll even throw a couple of bucks via paypal to someone if they can find me something. $2 to anyone who can find me a solution at an online retailer like I described above. $5 to anyone who can find me a solution like above that I can readily purchase at a B&M store in SE Michigan. (We have Ace, Lowes and Home Depot around here)