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Question Need optical out, Asus Rog B460 vs AsRock Fatal1ty B450?


May 15, 2020
The pc will be used partially as htpc and my surround system doesn't have hdmi in, only optical/coax in, and av rca. The Asus B460 has a spdif header and I have found an asus bracket for it. Then there's the AsRock B450 which has the optical out onboard but is not in stock right now and is looking like when it comes back will be more expensive. So which do you think is the better motherboard? I have been either or on intel or amd was leaning towards an i3-10100 but could do a 3400G if motherboard is worth waiting on.


Nov 13, 2001
ASRock Steel Legend AM4, you can find these for a decent price on ebay, just saw one I was watching go for $76, and it has 7.1 analog along with digital. I also has this board few years ago, and was great for me, wish I never sold it, full of features. But should you get it, or another one, make sure to head over to TeckPowerUp (click me), and get the modded drivers for the board to really make it do some wonderful things :D

OR, you can head over to ShopGoodWill, and buy a cheap receiver that has HDMI (or ebay for that matter), and update to a little better decoding unit, then go to Newegg and buy this X570 mobo, and then on ebay buy a used AMD 2200G for the cheap, and you will be upgraded, and golden on the cheap, making your movie/game nights more enjoyable :D

You could also buy the steel legend, and slap a 2200g onto it, think they go for about a hundo on ebay, and get a different receiver, for I just saw some sony and onkyo ones going for about 100, on ebay, so for under 3 bills, you can have mobo, cpu, and kick butt receiver, all for the going price of a X570 board only :O ;) :)
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May 6, 2020
Does your TV have an optical out? Most newer TV's do. If so you can go HDMI from the HTPC and go optical out from the TV.