Need opinions - Licensing of pets because 9,000 animals had to be killed

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Oct 13, 1999
Originally posted by: AvesPKS
Originally posted by: dmcowen674
Originally posted by: Zebo
Don't register anything. BS tax that all it is. Usually, depending on local, it's a fix it ticket anyway.

Have many animals (too damn many) and never had a problem... And If I do it's not mine.
If you do not register you are breaking the Law. They will find your pets through Vet records as well as they will be going door to door enforcing the Law and collecting the fees.
It seems that this fine will cost more to enforce than the fine itself. It sounds like they're levying this they can pay for the labor to enforce the fine...
Exactly one of the reasons I am against the door to door Pet Police Force among other reasons.