Need opinions - 128gb SSD and Intel SRT


Nov 25, 2011
So, I have yet to configure my SSD lately, partly because I have been busy but also because I cannot decide what to do.

I have Samsung 830 120GB SATA III SSD and I have been told that since I have a Gigabyte z68 mobo that I should run Intel SRT. I understand that SRT only uses a portion of my ssd as a cache which prioritizes which files will receive a performance increase based on how much I use them. In a nutshell, this looks good because it means that SRT can choose smaller increments of data than a user who can only choose entire programs (not ever file of a program can receive a benefit from being on an SSD, yet still takes up room in this case).

But, this seems like something someone would use for small SSD's who are really worried about size. I only use 140gb or so total right now, so I could nearly fit everything on my SSD. Also, SRT's caching seems like it wont give me the same performance increase.

So I am unsure what's best at this point.


What I have confidence in at this point:

-I am a gamer, I want to pwn teh n00bz
-I am entitled to maximum performance with this SSD
-SRT doesn't maximize performance
-Don't go over 100gb of my 128gb (ever!)
-My choice in SSD
-I would like polite responses from those wiser than myself ;)