Need help with picking the best case fan (exhaust)


Apr 2, 2009
I'm not really in the fans market, nor i dunno anything about quallity brands, but where i live they offer me the next 4, so please some help about which one is best and why? price does not matter to me, i already got decent fans on my HAF 932, expect for the exhaust one, which is quite slow and overall doesent look like its getting its job done, i also use Noctua NH D14 and this fan would be directlly behind the D14, as exhaust.

The next 4 i can get,

3 Zalman models

& one Cooler Master



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Dec 7, 2004
The cooler master gives you the widest range of cooling potential. Does noise matter to you? Is this a rear or top exhaust?

The 1st link to the 135mm fan that fits 120mm mounting holes will most likely push the most air at equivalent rpms. I know nothing about Zalman fans, but I do like some of the coolermasters.

The fan that is not doing it's job presently....what rpm does it run at or do you have a link to the fan? Is it the stock fan that comes in the HAF932?