Need help with loose HDD sata connectors

Discussion in 'Computer Help' started by goodfella44, Nov 7, 2012.

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    So I have recently upgraded my 5 month old Sony Vaio's SVT1311 hard drive, and I must have pulled the old one out wrong and loosened some connections. Every now and then I get a popup that my HDD is not connected. I made sure that is indeed connected properly, but I guess my question is how can I upgrade or replace these connections? Are there more secure type connectors I can use?
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    You should determine what is wrong with the connector. It could be simply deformed, but it might actually be broken resulting in an intermittent connection. A possibility is to try to shim the HDD with a thin piece of cardboard to put pressure on the connector with hope to achieve better/consistent contact. Otherwise, you'll need a computer repair shop to order and install a replacement for the damaged part.