need help with gainward geforce 4 ti4200 'problem'


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May 1, 2001
ok basically i have a problem with my gainward geforce 4 TI4200 64mb powerpack! 650 TV/DVI graphics card.

the problem is i cant play any games on the internet, and for some reason it only happens when i use this card.

i have tried using my old ATI rage128 pro card in my system, also the onboard graphics and they both work fine on internet games, like CS and quake 3, they just wont connect to the server, keeps retrying and retrying till it times out.

when i connect to the net and go onto gamespy to launch a game everything is normal, i can log onto the servers and start the game just fine with my ATI rage128 pro AGP card, and just fine with my onboard graphics.
of course i am a gamer so this is naturally gonna be tortune to my eyes playing in such appaling graphics settings and low frame rates.

however when i connect with my geforce 4 it just doesn't seem to want to connect.

i have convinced myself that it MUST be something to do with the graphics card because i have tried pretty much all i can think of.

i have e-mailed gainward support and they still haven't got back to me, i have also tried their phone number for the UK, however they must have their phone number wrong because it never answers, i get that 'dead' noise that you get when someone hangs up on you.

i have tried various drivers for the card, including the ones that came with the card.

my systems specs are:

shuttle SS51G
shuttle FS51 motherboard (SiS 651 chipset?)
Pentium 4 2.0A northwood CPU
256mb crucial PC2100 DDR RAM
Gainward Geforce 4 TI4200 64Mb DDR AGP Powerpack! 650 TV/DVI (using nvidia 40.41 drivers)
LG DVD/CD-RW 'combo' drive
Modulartech Conexant V.90 56K internal PCI modem
using onboard sound (which i think is AC' 97)
Logitech Quickcam Express USB
Samsung Syncmaster 570S TFT Monitor

i love this setup, has everything i need, except the ability to play game on the net.
i have tried to play it on the net with the USB Webcam plugged in and left out, so it cant be that.

the modem works fine on the internet but it's just when i try to connect to a server when it doesn't work, when i come out of the game it works fine again.

you dont think the gainward card might do something when running 3D games that might cause the modem not to connect?

mind you when i am downloading stuff on winMX i can play UT just fine while it is running in the background.

oh and i have done my best to look for drivers for this modem but there is none, at least the manufacturers haven't made any as i have looked on the website.

please help me, this is driving me crazy, i have absolutely no idea what is going on




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May 1, 2001
oh yeah, sorry i forgot to mention, when i got the card the problem started as soon as i put it in, then i did a full format etc and installed all the drivers, clean install everything i could think of, but to no avail.

i will try these drivers you linked to to see if they are any different to the ones i am using and if it makes any difference.

thanks :)