need help wiring apt for cable


Senior member
Nov 15, 1999
I have a strange situation because I live in an apt. We get cable tv in the living room and loft. However, I want to get a connection to work in the bedroom. The living room is the main connection. In the box, it's got 2 coax's. 1 is input, the other I'm not completely sure but I think it goes to the loft. Here's my reasoning: when we had cable tv installed last month, we asked to have cable in the loft too. So the installer put a splitter in the living room box. It splits the input so the living room gets 1 connection and the other end joins to the other wire in the box.
So now I'm wondering, how does the bedroom get a cable connection. It's got a box w/1 coax in it.
Email me if it's a long response. Thanx.