Need help upgrading video card


Sep 30, 2010
System Specifications:

I. Processor/CPU:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600

II. Current Graphics Card:

III. Display Resolution:

IV. Power Supply Unit Specification (Brand, Wattage, Ampage, Age). If possible, please provide a link to a website containing the power supply specifications:
I think it's an Antec 600W. the GTX 260 i have inside it required two of those power connectors...hopefully that helps. sorry i don't have more information.

V. Case Specifications(N/A, Model, Length, Low Profile, Cooling, HTPC, Water, Silent):
Antec 900 case, air cooled, no water cooling.

Purchase Details:

I. Budget? Please be sure to include currency (If not USD), retailer preferences & specify whether rebates are a viable option.
I have a $150 budget...though willing to push it to $200 if needed.

II. Any particular preferences (Manufacturer[nV or AMD], Brand[XFX, Sapphire, EVGA, etc], Cooling Solutions)?
I'd prefer Nvidia. my other computer has a MSi GTX 460 that i'm very happy with.

III. Do you plan to have any Multi-GPU solutions such as Crossfire or SLI?

IV. Have you previously looked at a product(s) which you feel would fit your needs?
Kind of thinking about the MSi GTX560 that's floating around for $160 AR, but some people are saying go get the Ti version, but that's out of my price range right now.

V. What are your needs for this GPU? Which games(If any)do you intend to play? If you have this information at hand, what are the desired detail levels?
I just plan on playing Diablo 3 at high-max settings.

VI. Do you plan on overclocking the card you intend to purchase?
No. I don't know how to overclock but I'm perfectly happy keeping it stock.

Additional Notes
that's pretty much it. i really would have liked to just get another GTX 460 but those seem to be out of stock on newegg and Amazon. oh yeah, I'm in California so either those two stores. I'd be willing to pickup from bestbuy too if they had what you guys recommend. (only because i have a $75 gift card).

thank you so much for all your help!


Apr 15, 2001
how much system ram?

really I would not even bother with getting a new gpu for that old system. at 1680x1050, your gtx260 is actually being held back already by the old core 2 duo in a few games and a modern gpu would mostly go to waste. that cpu barely even meets minimum requirements for newer games so its a limitation in general playability too not just a bottleneck for a faster card.
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Sep 5, 2003
Have you actually tried D3 with GTX260? Is the performance not satisfactory or you are just guessing that you need a GPU upgrade?

With your CPU, you are getting close to a very unbalanced system with a GTX560. I have a spare E6600 system and I swapped HD6950 with a 7970 just for fun and the improvement in games was anywhere from 0% to negative % to maybe 10%. The only game where I saw an improvement was STALKER: COP. Massive CPU limitation on that 2.4ghz E6600.

Based on your resolution and D3 gaming with that CPU, your card should be smooth enough for D3. If you are still going to upgrade, don't waste $ on the GTX560Ti for this game. GTX560 for $130 is enough.

Personally I think you should try the game with a GTX260 with a mild overclock in MSI Afterburner is all you need for D3. Save that $150-160 for Haswell platform upgrade and a new HD8000/GTX700 CPU down the road, etc.
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Jul 22, 2009
Yeah, your GTX 260 still performs like a $100 card. $150 isn't going to get much of an upgrade.


Nov 13, 2001
I have a HD 6970 Sapphire for sale at $200 OBO. That should get you a nice increase.


Sep 30, 2010
thanks for all the suggestions! btw toyota, the stickied thread didn't ask for it but my system currently has 2gb of ddr2 ram. i chanced on newegg on day and ddr2 ram was even more expensive than ddr3! so i guess i'll just save up the money for a new computer later.

yeah i wasn't even aware that the GPU i'm running could be bottlenecked by my CPU. thank you so much to everyone for helping me learn!