Need help stitching this together, Network Cable Tuner + Steam In home streaming


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Jan 9, 2010
To distrubute Cable Television (HBO and other encrypted sources included) throughout the home.
To distribute gaming throughout the home via a PC suitable for gaming through Steam In home streaming.

Hosting stuff will be on Gigabit, clients will all be Wireless AC.

I'm wondering if I should build/upgrade a PC to include a CableTV tuner card within the same box as the Steam Host or whether to use something like HDHomerun Prime.

What i'd like to do is have CableTV access and PVR throughout the home without having cable boxes. Ideally i'd like a one box setup for each TV that would handle TV (through WMC) but also have something that can easily grab content from Netflix and Hulu subcriptions. Is there a setup that could be like Roku but also have access to CableTV? Wondering if Kodi could do this. I'd like to avoid having a PC/Extender and a media streamer device at each TV set if possible so anything that could incorporate the two I'd like more info about. Given my network setup I think it'd be better to have PVR handled on the wired Host PC.

I've got to get my CPU upgraded in the PC from the G3258. Would a Ceton 6 along with a CPU upgrade work for what I want to do?

Any kind of ideal setup for this that comes to mind?, any things to be aware of that might bite me? I'd be doing generally 1 tv at a time, sometimes up to 3.