"Need Help" PC freezing when trying to burn.


Apr 7, 2003
As the topic says.Lets say like for every 10 disc i burn my pc just freezes up on me.I was wondering what could it be.I'm burning with nero & running a Xp1700/512ddr2100 curcial/80gb 722/ecs mobo/40x lite-on cdrw & winXp home edt.

Also lets say when i open ie6 to browse the web sometimes it takes long just for the page to open.Can anybody here help me out with this problem ?.I wann build a new pc anyway.


Senior member
Jul 23, 2001
Best guess, is the drive stuck in PIO mode? This can be set in bios, or in device manager. UDMA = much better
Check setting by going to device manager, ide ata/atapi controllers. Select whichever ur drive is on, primary or secondary, then check advanced settings tab, should be udma mode 2 or higher.

Another reason, your hard drive could be REALLY REALLY fragmented, but with what you are complaining about, its not that probable.
Some versions of Nero have had probs with the integrated XP burnign crap, dissable imapi cd burning in the services, it causes some sluggish performance with nero.

Ill also ad the obligatory "make sure nero is newest version" as always