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Need help OC'ing Xeon x5670 on an Asus p6t


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May 25, 2016
Hey, I just purchased a xeon x5670 to replace my old i7 930, so I can keep my x58 motherboard and extend it's lifespan a little longer. it's an asus p6t, no deluxe version, no special edition, just the p6t model.

Back when I bought the i7 930 about 5 or 6 years ago I overclocked it a little but had no knowledge (still don't), only managed to achieve 3.8ghz stable, and I had to follow very specific guides.

there's tons of references for overclocking i7s, in fact there's so many it's overwhelming, but there's too little about the xeons, in specific the one I bought.

my cpu cooler is a noctua nh-d14, wich is the bigger/better that would have clearance for my ram dimms, and fit into my case, a nzxt s340. it has plenty airflow, I replaced the stock fans with 2 corsair af-140 as intakes, one af-140 as top exhaust, and one 120mm corsair fan as back exhaust, wich I took from my carbide air 240 case at work. my room temperature is never above 20ºC, and currently the cpu package is idling at 32ºc. stress testing didn't get any cores at temperatures higher than 49°c.

so I think I should have plenty headroom to do a decent overclock (by decent I mean I don't want to break any speed records, just boost my speed let's say to 4.0ghz or maybe more if it doesn't get too hard), so I really need some directions to get started.

thanks in advance
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