Need help getting a laptop...where and processor speed


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Nov 21, 1999
I have am looking to get my first laptop computer and need some help...

What is consider heavy wgt for a laptop...

I want "fast and late model"...while I will not be doing very intensive stuff...word processing, internet, gaming I do not want something that feels slow as comapred to the desktops and will be obsolete in terms of longevity ...I realize all computers have a short life but with my desktops I can upgrade and keep them going.....but a laptop well what you buy is what you get...they are harder to upgrade right

I have 2 desktops...AthlonXP 1700@1900 and P42.4@3.0...I have to say the P4 and AthlonXP seem to be very close in speed...It maybe winxp needs to better setup on the P4 but it sure does not feel much faster than my AthlonXP(and I am disappointed about this..wish I had stayed AMD and moved to faster Athlon)

I would like to get the best graphics card possible as I believe this is one of the weaker spots on a laptop and would like at least 256 mg DDR ram

P4/AthlonXP mobile
256mg DDR or more
Geforce 460 or Radeon 9000??
nice screen
HDD is not as important so long as I can have FW port

Any ides would be apppreciated

what and where would you buy from


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Sep 25, 2000

well, gaming is about the most "intensive" thing you can do with a laptop.....which means it's gonna cost you money.

I would read up on laptop reviews and decide what is best for yourself..... do you want long battery life? weight an issue? display quality an issue? size and issue? etc.....