Need help deciding on price/value factor, FX5200


Nov 28, 2003
CompUSA was selling Mad Dog Conquerer FX5200Plus 8X 128MB for $49.99 AR.

OM is selling a Mad Dog Predator MX440 8X 64MB for $30 AR.

I tried looking up specs or reviews on both but can't find head-to-head comparisons of the two cards. Also, I couldn't find any posts in the Video forum that answered my questions.

Pros: DX9, 128MB
Cons: I've heard it just sucks, especially the non-Ultra. Also, the 128MB is slower than the MX440s

Pros: Faster memory (but only 64MB)
Cons: DX8 only

Both of them have TV out, which is a definite plus.
I do not know if they have active or passive cooling, even after massive web searching. I can't find reviews for the Mad Dog cards, so I don't know if they're any good. Does anyone have any of these cards?

Bottom line is, for $50, is the FX5200 worth it, or should I go for the $30 MX440?
Or should I get neither and get something else?

I'm looking for something under $100 with decent compatibility, not high-end (since the price is so low) and tv-out. Anything is better than the current 16MB TNT PCI card I have now :)

Going to put together my new system next weekend (got my N7F-S mobo :) ) and would like to put in a 'cheap' but decent video card in at the same time. Thx.


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May 11, 2003
For under $100 a ti4200 will give you the best fps. The mx440 and fx5200 both are pretty sucky for playing games. With aa/af off they're about equal, and neither is fast enough to play with it on.