Need help configuring Apache, MySQL, PHP on CentOS Linux (Long)

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    Hello all, I am new to Linux (CentOS) and have been trying to setup up this web application on CentOS for the last couple hours.

    The instruction from the author is a bit vague for a newbie like me:
    - Create directory on webserver to store files (configure as virtual host or subdir)
    - Copy all Print Master files to the folder you just created
    - Create a new directory called session where you extracted the files and make it writeable
    - Create a new username and database in MySQL
    - Import the printmaster.sql file into the new database
    - Edit the $db line in inc/init.php to reflect your database details
    - Invent your own security (.htaccess, integrated Windows authentication...)

    I try to follow the instruction from guide in the wiki section but still could not get it to work:

    Could anyone here help!?

    = Here are a history off what I did =

    1. Installed / configured Apache Server following this instruction:
    (Visited localhost in the web browser and saw an Apache Test Page.)

    2. Installed / configured PHP following this intruction:
    (Visited localhost/phpinfo in the web browser, and there's the phpinfo output. So it works!)

    3. Installed / configured MySQL

    --- FILES ---
    Created 'session' directory is in the printmaster directory, made it writable
    --- DATABASE ---
    (enter the password for root user)

    --- IMPORT SQL FILE ---

    (Import the printmaster.sql as instructed)

    Edited the following line:
    --- Now I set up VirtualHost on httpd ---
    First of all, do I even need to set up virtual host?

    Created the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/testprintmaster.conf with the following text
    --- Now I visit on the web browser ---
    And Apache direct it to a search page ... WTF!?

    I check the syntax check on VirtualHost configuration
    What did I do wrong? Any idea?
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    Did you ever get this figured out?
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    Does apache have the rights to read /root/Desktop/printmaster? I'm not sure on cent, but on ubuntu server apache runs as www-data, which means by default it would not be able to read files in /root.
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    Why not use XAMPP?