Need help configuring an LTE hotspot to feed wired network


Sep 29, 2014
Hello, please take mercy on me as I am not very fluent in network-speak. I have an existing - fairly typical - home network for which I want to add a backup internet source using a cell hotspot. To start, I would purchase a hotspot (with data plan) just for this purpose that would provide a 2.4 & 5gHz WiFi signal. Where I need help is feeding that to my router, instead of the cable modem when that goes down.

My existing network starts with a wired-only router that provides the DHCP function and has several wired devices directly connected. It also feeds two wireless AP's that provide WiFi and just pass-through the DHCP ip addresses.

What I think I need is a "wireless access point" that takes the hotspot WiFi and turns it into a wired signal; when the cable goes down, I would simply unplug the router from the cable modem and plug it into the new "wireless access point". I'm using quotes because this is where I don't know the right terminology, between "Wireless Access Point", "Ethernet Bridge", "Wireless Client", "WDS", or the actual correct term for what I want.

I have a spare Trendnet TEW-811DRU that I can repurpose for this project. I believe it does not have the capability I need in the Tnet firmware. Is that right? If so, then I'm looking at 3rd party firmware. What is recommended? If it's wholly unsuitable, I'm willing to buy something new. What would that be?

I think it's obvious I am wandering around the solution, so I would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you!
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