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Need help choosing a good quality Chromebook


May 15, 2020
Something durable that a child or adult can use, good zoom compatibility; a 2in1 would be ideal but quality/price is most important. Yes 2in1 ideal but not necessary--though really would like to get that type if possible. Does not have to be touchscreen; if isn't 2in1 not as big a deal, but still nice to have. Most importantly is for it to be reliable, I know there's always a chance of getting a dud, but the reviews I've been reading have me concerned, is why I'm asking for help. Here are the ones I've found (price range is under $500 and lower the better without sacrificing quality, so like a durable non-touch screen laptop preferable to an unreliable 2in1 etc (and at least 64gb storage.)
Acer Spin 311
Dell Inspiron 14
Lenovo C340
Acer 715 (the no-backlit keyboard version)
Samsung Chromebook 3
It's not going to be portable so that's not an issue; probably use it plugged into charger most of the time. I like the Acer Spin and Dell Inspiron for a 2in1 but mixed reviews, the Lenovo I'm thinking is more geared for portability but it made the short list anyway. The Acer 715 except for not being a 2in1 looks like the best all around to me. Then there's the Samsung 3; mixed reviews but highly reviewed by (supposedly) teacher who says handles 100s of chromebooks and this one's the best; reviews don't back it up, but have had good luck with Samsung tablet, maybe apples/oranges but got it on short list.
What do you think of these, have other suggestions, greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Feb 10, 2002
I know this post is very old but I am guessing you already bought one now. For me I would go with either Acer 715 or Dell Inspiron 14. Why? Intel i3 and bigger 128GB SSD!


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Nov 21, 2005
$500 for a Chromebook is overkill for families currently on a budget.

Any Chromebook will do with 4GB and modern 2020 Celeron/Pentium for $300, for children.
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