Need AM3 motherboard for 2 multi-GPU cards


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Jan 3, 2006
Need some help finding a Phenom II x4 motherboard to support 2 ATI FirePro MV 2450 cards (2GPUs on each card).

This is for a work/network monitoring console that has 8 DVI displays - I need to step up to hardware that will run Windows 7 well.

I already have the ATI FirePro 2450 cards - tried them in a BioStar 790GXE 128M motherboard - it only sees one of the cards (on-board GPU is disabled).

Also already have the AMD 955BE CPU, so not looking to jump to Intel if I can avoid it.

Looks like there are other options (Biostar TA790GX, Asus M4A78-E) - I can re-use the Biostar that doesn't work, but can't get another and not have it support what I need.

Unique situation, but anyone out there manage something similar? n-Force based motherboard a better option?



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Mar 14, 2001
i pmed you a board i think will work. i googled it with the cards and i see, what i think are people are using them both.

another language i cant make it all out lol