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Discussion in 'Digital and Video Cameras' started by Sepen, Dec 11, 2012.

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    My 6 year old grandson loves to make movies with his Moms Razr cell phone. I would like to get him a camera that is easy to use for this purpose. I had also looked for a cheaper tablet, Kindle etc but a bit to pricey and no rear camera. I guess one that he could turn on and a dedicated movie button or something that would be easy to use would suffice. Thanks to any.
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  3. AraB.

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    Nov 22, 2012
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    You can get him a "Shoot & Share Video Camcorder".
    They're easy to use...
    Read about them online; those are easier to use.

    If you are willing to buy him a touch screen gaming with camera, you can get the new iPod Touch 5

    Good Luck :)
    Hope I helped...
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    I found the sony Bloggies to be pretty nice for the size and cheap but too bad Sony discontinued them. Adorama seems to still have a couple left though.
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    Hmmm.... six is about the age where he can rapidly start learning all sorts of things about any camera you get him so perhaps consider a camera that is simple with the basics but still has lots of features under the hood?

    Maybe try ebay or craigslist? Probably be able to find someone upgrading to the latest and greates and willing to part with good tech for a song. And if it's cheap and used it's not a big deal if it breaks.

    I'm just trying to think if a camcorder shape or a P&S camera shape would be easiest for a six year old to handle.
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    It might be fun to get a simple, durable waterproof Point & Shoot camera. I have one from Panasonic that's decent and under $150.

    I know some kids who had a blast with the waterproof camera, whether it's just at the pool or out in the rain. Plus, composite lenses and seals make it a lot more abuse resistant than your average phone or tablet, which could be a good thing with any 6 year olds I've known.

    Things like this might be an option:

    Bright colors help it not to get lost in the laundry too. :)